How to be a Good Content Writer

Everybody can certainly write. But writing good or not will be depending on the practice. Here are some tips about how to be a good content writer.

1. Have a good basic of grammar

Depending on whether we are working in English or Indonesian, this basic skill of having a good grammar skill is a must. This skill will make the writing or article translatable, or at least understandable, and avoid the misunderstanding. Besides, it will also increase the value of the articles we are writing. Simple things like how to use a good punctuation, sentence arrangement, are definitely the answers of how to be a good content writer.

2. Have a good understanding about the topic

Content writing is all about writing the specific content or niche. It is very important to master the topic we are writing so we can write about the right facts. Otherwise, how can the reader trust us? Do some research, read more, and keep trying to have a better understanding about the topic. That’s why it is also important to write the things we like, if possible. Besides it can make us better professionally, it will also be good for our health 🙂

3. Answer the key questions

Elaboration is needed, but not too much, please. Besides, the language and how to convey the points are different between fiction and non-fiction genre. Content writing is definitely on the non-fiction side. That’s why we have to answer the key questions of the articles we are writing: usually it starts with 5W+1H (What, who, where, when, why, how). A good article will be able to answer whatever the questions on readers’ mind when they read the title of the article. It is also a key point of how to be a good content writer.

4. Stay within a schedule or deadline

Nothing worse than the writer who does not stay within the deadline. Not only our employer (if any) will get disappointed, but also our reader. It is very important to stay professional to make people use our service again in the future. If we have a writer’s block, try the best to find the way out to continue writing. It sounds easy, but in fact, many people find it hard to apply to be on-time.

5. Familiar with keywords and how SEO works

Either we like it or not, writing for content, particularly in online media, will be expected to increase the web traffic. Therefore, it is important to write with keywords and know how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works. By doing this, it can reach the goals set and successfully as content writer.

By doing all above, hope it can answer your questions about how to be a good content writer. Gd luck!

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