March 12, 2013


Here are several examples of my writing links. Usually, I adjust my style to the respective editorial policy and style of writing. If you do not see a sample relevant to your own project, feel free to contact me.

On-going Assignments:
* Freelance research reporters covering for Indonesia
* On-going blog content creation

Please email me for my availability for new assignment

  • Please note that due to existing ongoing commitments, there is often a 1-4 weeks waiting time for new clients, depending on the size and scope of their projects. 


hello bali magazine
google gapura digital
Novus asia
asia diving vacation
plenilunio villa
sunaka jewelry
hcm medika
The journey magazine
Sriwijaya Inflight Magazine
DHL Indonesia



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FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal – Muesli & Me: Advocate of ‘clean eating’
Muesli&Me Muesli&Me

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal – Anti-aging, health-boosting supplement, Biogreen Science

Biogreen Science Indonesia Biogreen Science Indonesia

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal – Dairy from East Java, PT Greenfields Indonesia

PT Greenfield Indonesia PT Greenfield Indonesia

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal – Halal Processed Meat from Favorite

Halal Processed Meat Bali Halal Processed Meat Bali

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal – Made from Bali’s Cocoa Beans

16 ingredients17 ingredients

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal – Street Dimsum Surabaya

14 dialogue

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal – Making Noodles from Scratch

30 processing copy31 processing copy32 processing copy

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal – Indonesian Food & Beverage Industry

14,16 dialogue_1 14,16 dialogue_2

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal – Dairy Products in Indonesia

30 feature31 feature

Sriwijaya Air Inflight Magazine – Mengais Rejeki dari Kapal Karam
11 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben11 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben_Page_011 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben_Page_111 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben_Page_2
11 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben_Page_3

Hello Bali Magazine – Born-Again Beauty
10 Hello Bali JAN 2014_Ambon_Page_210 Hello Bali JAN 2014_Ambon_Page_3

Hello Bali Magazine – Meet the Tengger
09 Hello Bali SEPT 2013_Bromo_Page_109 Hello Bali SEPT 2013_Bromo_Page_2

Hello Bali Magazine – See Sawarna
08 Hello Bali AUG 2013_Sawarna_Page_1
08 Hello Bali AUG 2013_Sawarna_Page_2

Hello Bali Magazine – Palembang, Home of Historical Heritages
07 Hello Bali JULY 2013_Palembang_Page_107 Hello Bali JULY 2013_Palembang_Page_2

GoGirl! Magazine – Singkawang “Kota Seribu Kuil”
06 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Singkawang_106 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Singkawang_2

GoGirl! Magazine – Beyond Bali
05 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Beyond Bali_105 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Beyond Bali_2 05 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Beyond Bali_3

GoGirl! Magazine – Raja Ampat
04 GoGirl MEI 2013_Jalan Jalan Raja Ampat_Page_104 GoGirl MEI 2013_Jalan Jalan Raja Ampat_Page_2 04 GoGirl MEI 2013_Jalan Jalan Raja Ampat_Page_3

The Journey Magazine – Raja Ampat, Papua
03 The Journey MAY 2013_Raja Ampat

The Journey Magazine – Adventure in Menjangan Island
02 The Journey APR 2013_Adventure in Menjangan

The Journey Magazine – Menjangan Top 8 Diving Encounters
01 The Journey APR 2013_Menjangan Top 8


Blog Posts (English) – Activity Provider in Bali (Indonesian) – Healthcare Management Consultancy Care (English) – Property in Bali (Indonesian) – Singapore-based design temporary tattoos company (Indonesian) – Food content writer (English) – Singapore-based Travel Magazine (Indonesian) – Instagram Shop Directory
.se (English) – Bali Wedding by Tirtha in Sweden (English) – Opencart News, Articles, and Tutorials (English & Indonesian): Scuba Diving Section –  Indonesia Travel Blog

Blog Posts with SEO (Indonesian) – Kids Fashion Group Company (English) – Sporting Goods Online Store (English) – Mountain Biking & Adventure Tour (Indonesian) – Lifestyle Gadget (English) – Bird’s Nest Company in Australia (Indonesian) – Online Flight Tickets (Indonesian) – Gadget Accessories (Indonesian) – Women Batik Bag (Indonesian) – Indonesia Travel Blog

Web Content (with/non- SEO) (English & Indonesian) – Rainbow Roof Group (English) – Exclusive Weddings and Events in Uluwatu Bali (English) – Diving Service Provider
Marina Srikandi (English) – Boat operator in Bali (English) – Real Estate in Bali (English & Indonesian) – Bali Silver Jewelry
Jiwa Tours (English) – Tour & Travel based in Bali
Natan Hospitality Indonesia (English) – Villa Management in Bali (English) – Budget Hostel in Kuta Bali (English) – Villa in Canggu Bali (English) – Baby & Kids Premium Shop (English) – Villa in Bali (English) –  Dive Center in Bali (English) –  Dive Center in Bali

Book Editing
Surabaya Culinary Book – published in 2019
Parenting Book – published in 2019

Case Study
Google Indonesia Gapura Digital Program – World’s Biggest Search Engine Company
Red Hat Case Study – Multinational Software Company
Hewlett Packard Case Study – Multinational IT Company
Palo Alto Case Study – US-based Digital Security Company

Company Profile
Flagships Chartered Asia – Luxury Destination Management Company
Lee Soon Seng Plastic Industries – Eco-friendly F&B packaging

Report Writing
US-based Research Company
FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal (English) – Asia Pacific Food Journal
Coral Triangle Center Research Project
BOI – Indonesian Research Service Palu’e Educational Non-Profit Project – Non Profit Organization based in Indonesia

Novus Asia – Singapore-based Leading Publishing Agency

Press Release
NIEC – International Education Consultant

Hotel & Resort Review in Bali (English) – Baby & Kids Premium Shop (Indonesian): Tune Hotel Legian –  Indonesia Travel Blog

Pelican Solution (English) – Hotel Booking Engine
Crystal Nest (English) – Premium Bird’s Nest Company in Australia
Turtur Dive (English) –  Dive Center in Bali

Travelport Newsletter -Travel Commerce Platform
HCM Medika website content -Healthcare Management Consultancy Care
BEDO Slide Presentation – Business & Export Development Organization
Website content for Printing Solution Provider – Indonesia Local Products –  Indonesia Travel Blog

Website Set-Up

Social Media Contents
Olfactory Candle – Scented Candles Company
Unilever Careers Indonesia FB & Twitter – Multinational Consumer Goods Company (English) – Bird’s Nest Company in Australia

Photo Essay Raja Ampat –  Indonesia Travel Blog

Magazine Cover Photo – BM 20 Solo Edition

Copywriting – Homepage Highlight
Yuna Law Firm
MaxPress Landromat in Jimbaran, Bali – Flyer Copy – Electronic Cigarette Landing Page
Copywriting stemscigs landing page

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