March 12, 2013

Services & Rates

Training & Consulting Services are now available.

Below you can find a rate chart for my basic services. For more information, turn-around times and other service details please review the individual service pages linked below, if available. See Package for options.

Writing Services Rates

Blog Posts *Rp.75.000 – 125.000,- (for up to 300 words) **
Blog Posts with SEO *Rp.100.000 – 175.000,- (for up to 400 words) **
Web Content *Rp.100.000 – 150.000,- (for up to 300 words) **
Web Content with SEO *Rp.175.000 – 300.000,- (for up to 400 words) **
Press Release *Rp.200.000 – 400.000,- (for up to 400 words) **
Feature Articles (Trade magazines, online features, newsletter, etc.) *Rp.1.500,- per word (minimum 400 words)
CopywritingStarting at Rp.400.000,- per page**
Case StudyStarting at US$ 450
Ads Review *Rp.350.000 – 600.000,- (for up to 400 words) **
Translation (minor edits with no distribution)Starting at Rp.75.000,- per page **
Copyediting (minor edits with no distribution)Rp.300.000 – 450.000,- per page **
Book Editing (edits with distribution)Please contact for a quote and availability
Newsletters, ReportRp.1.000.000 – 2.000.000,- per complete newsletter, depending on content length and volume
Other Writing ServicesPlease contact for a quote and availability
Simple Website Set-up with ContentStarting at Rp.2.000.000,- for 4 basic pages.
Photo Essay *Rp. 50.000 – 100.000,- (for up to 30 words per photo)
Photos ***Rp.100.000 – 250.000,- per photo for exclusive use in the specific articles

* Blog post rates are for writing only. The higher fees may apply if you’d like me to gather images for publication, monitor and respond to comments, manage social media marketing efforts for the posts, etc, to be negotiated on an individual basis.

** One article or page equals to approximately 400 words for billing purposes, regardless of font or paper size and formatting variations. Longer page or article requirements will generally incur higher project fees than those noted above. The starting price is for Indonesian language, the ending price is for English.

*** My photos used for publication are exclusively used in the articles I write. Options are available for photo-use in other writers’ article with higher rate.




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