March 12, 2013


Here are several examples of my writing links. Usually, I adjust my style to the respective editorial policy and style of writing. If you do not see a sample relevant to your own project, feel free to contact me.

On-going Assignments:
* Freelance research reporters covering for Indonesia
* On-going blog content creation

Please email me for my availability for new assignment

  • Please note that due to existing ongoing commitments, there is often a 1-4 weeks waiting time for new clients, depending on the size and scope of their projects. 


Blog Posts (English) – Activity Provider in Bali (Indonesian) – Healthcare Management Consultancy Care (English) – Property in Bali (Indonesian) – Singapore-based design temporary tattoos company (Indonesian) – Food content writer (English) – Singapore-based Travel Magazine (Indonesian) – Instagram Shop Directory
.se (English) – Bali Wedding by Tirtha in Sweden (English) – Opencart News, Articles, and Tutorials (English & Indonesian): Scuba Diving Section –  Indonesia Travel Blog

Blog Posts with SEO (English) – Sporting Goods Online Store (English) – Mountain Biking & Adventure Tour (Indonesian) – Lifestyle Gadget (English) – Bird’s Nest Company in Australia (Indonesian) – Online Flight Tickets (Indonesian) – Gadget Accessories (Indonesian) – Women Batik Bag (Indonesian) – Indonesia Travel Blog

Web Content (with/non- SEO) (English & Indonesian) – Rainbow Roof Group (English) – Exclusive Weddings and Events in Uluwatu Bali (English) – Diving Service Provider
Marina Srikandi (English) – Boat operator in Bali (English) – Real Estate in Bali (English & Indonesian) – Bali Silver Jewelry
Jiwa Tours (English) – Tour & Travel based in Bali
Natan Hospitality Indonesia (English) – Villa Management in Bali (English) – Budget Hostel in Kuta Bali (English) – Villa in Canggu Bali (English) – Baby & Kids Premium Shop (English) – Villa in Bali (English) –  Dive Center in Bali (English) –  Dive Center in Bali

Website Set-Up

Social Media
Unilever Careers Indonesia FB & Twitter – Multinational Consumer Goods Company (English) – Bird’s Nest Company in Australia

Book Editing
Surabaya Culinary Book – on printing
Parenting Book – on printing

Case Study
Red Hat Case Study – Multinational Software Company
Hewlett Packard Case Study – Multinational IT Company
Palo Alto Case Study – US-based Digital Security Company

Hotel & Resort Review in Bali (English) – Baby & Kids Premium Shop (Indonesian): Tune Hotel Legian –  Indonesia Travel Blog

Pelican Solution (English) – Hotel Booking Engine
Crystal Nest (English): How to Manage Time to Maintain Health – Premium Bird’s Nest Company in Australia
Crystal Nest (English): Bird’s Nest Benefits for Smokers – Premium Bird’s Nest Company in Australia
Crystal Nest (English): 3 Healthy Bird Nest Recipes – Premium Bird’s Nest Company in Australia
Turtur Dive (English): New Year 2013 Dive Destination –  Dive Center in Bali

Novus Asia – Singapore-based Leading Publishing Agency

Press Release
NIEC – International Education Consultant

Company Profile
Lee Soon Seng Plastic Industries – Eco-friendly F&B packaging

Report Writing
US-based Research Company
FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal (English) – Asia Pacific Coverage
Coral Triangle Center Research Project
BOI – Indonesian Research Service Palu’e Educational Non-Profit Project – Non Profit Organization based in Indonesia

Travelport Newsletter – Flight Booking Software
HCM Medika website content -Healthcare Management Consultancy Care
BEDO Slide Presentation – Business & Export Development Organization
Website content for Printing Solution Provider – Indonesia Local Products –  Indonesia Travel Blog

Photo Essay Raja Ampat –  Indonesia Travel Blog

Magazine Cover Photo – BM 20 Solo Edition

Copywriting – Homepage Highlight
Jimbaran Landromat in Bali – Flyer Copy – Electronic Cigarette Landing Page
Copywriting stemscigs landing page


FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal, November 2016 – Muesli & Me: Advocate of ‘clean eating’
Muesli&Me Muesli&Me

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal, July 2016 – Anti-aging, health-boosting supplement, Biogreen Science

Biogreen Science Indonesia Biogreen Science Indonesia

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal, June 2016 – Dairy from East Java, PT Greenfields Indonesia

PT Greenfield Indonesia PT Greenfield Indonesia

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal, March 2016 – Halal Processed Meat from Favorite

Halal Processed Meat Bali Halal Processed Meat Bali

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal, November 2015 – Made from Bali’s Cocoa Beans

16 ingredients17 ingredients

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal, November 2015 – Street Dimsum Surabaya

14 dialogue

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal, September 2015 – Making Noodles from Scratch

30 processing copy31 processing copy32 processing copy

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal, March 2015 – Indonesian Food & Beverage Industry

14,16 dialogue_1 14,16 dialogue_2

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal, March 2015 – Dairy Products in Indonesia

30 feature31 feature

Sriwijaya Air Inflight Magazine, Mar 2014 – Mengais Rejeki dari Kapal Karam
11 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben11 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben_Page_011 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben_Page_111 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben_Page_2
11 Sriwijaya MAR 2014_Tulamben_Page_3

Hello Bali Magazine, Jan 2014 – Born-Again Beauty
10 Hello Bali JAN 2014_Ambon_Page_210 Hello Bali JAN 2014_Ambon_Page_3

Hello Bali Magazine, Sept 2013 – Meet the Tengger
09 Hello Bali SEPT 2013_Bromo_Page_109 Hello Bali SEPT 2013_Bromo_Page_2

Hello Bali Magazine, Aug 2013 – See Sawarna
08 Hello Bali AUG 2013_Sawarna_Page_1
08 Hello Bali AUG 2013_Sawarna_Page_2

Hello Bali Magazine, July 2013 – Palembang, Home of Historical Heritages
07 Hello Bali JULY 2013_Palembang_Page_107 Hello Bali JULY 2013_Palembang_Page_2

GoGirl! Magazine, June 2013 – Singkawang “Kota Seribu Kuil”
06 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Singkawang_106 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Singkawang_2

GoGirl! Magazine, June 2013 – Beyond Bali
05 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Beyond Bali_105 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Beyond Bali_2 05 GoGirl JUNI 2013_Jalan Jalan Beyond Bali_3

GoGirl! Magazine, May 2013 – Raja Ampat
04 GoGirl MEI 2013_Jalan Jalan Raja Ampat_Page_104 GoGirl MEI 2013_Jalan Jalan Raja Ampat_Page_2 04 GoGirl MEI 2013_Jalan Jalan Raja Ampat_Page_3

The Journey Magazine, May 2013 – Raja Ampat, Papua
03 The Journey MAY 2013_Raja Ampat

The Journey Magazine, April 2013 – Adventure in Menjangan Island
02 The Journey APR 2013_Adventure in Menjangan

The Journey Magazine, April 2013 – Menjangan Top 8 Diving Encounters
01 The Journey APR 2013_Menjangan Top 8

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